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Get wedding-ready with gorgeous, glowing skin

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Wedding season is upon us again and with so much to do to prepare for your big day, you could be forgiven for forgetting one of the most important elements of your impending nuptials: you!

Wedding planning, preparation and organising is stressful, and stress can have an impact on how your body looks and feels. It’s important to protect yourself, your skin and your body so you look and feel your absolute best on the happiest day of your life. You’ve got the dress, you’ve planned the menu, you’ve asked your best friends to walk down the aisle with you, and your fiancé will be looking fine in his suit, but have you looked after your skin? Keeping up your regular cleansing and toning routine is important in the lead up to your wedding date, and moisturising is crucial. You’ll be very busy, your diet may have changed and you may be getting limited sleep. Keeping your skin fresh and hydrated will help to combat the symptoms of a busy life.

You may be drinking more alcohol than usual with your hen’s party, kitchen tea, rehearsal dinner or just general celebrations, so it’s important to use a moisturiser which will give you a layer of protection, like Palilco’s Balancing Day Cream, which has coconut oil, sweet almond oil and Frankincense oil (known to even out fine lines), to keep your skin hydrated and protected. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, too!

Using a hydrating mist and a good cleanser regularly will give you beautiful skin and keep those blemishes at bay, so you can feel confident for happy snaps on your day. Knowing your face is still being nourished under your make up will help you feel just as fresh for your honeymoon and post wedding celebrations.

Of course, many of your friends and family will be looking at your hand after the ceremony, so they can admire your wedding and engagement rings. Hydrate your hands daily before the wedding with a strong moisturiser that will protect your body and give you smooth, beautiful hands. Beeswax is a natural product that gives a layer of protection and deeply nourishes the body. Palilco’s Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream is just the thing to give you the hands you’ll be happy to offer to your guests for admiration.

When you say ‘I do’, and kiss the love of your life, give him soft, supple lips. The perfect lipstick will accentuate your smile and your features, but with a balm underneath, you can have confidence in the knowledge your lips will offer a flawless smile and the perfect kiss to seal your marriage. Palilco’s lip balm is just the thing for the first kiss that starts your life together.

And when it’s time for the wedding night… feel your best with glowing, gorgeous skin by using a good hydrating body cream that will make you feel like heaven to touch!

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