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5 reasons why pure products are better...

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We all want to look after ourselves and feel great, and there are a lot of big name cosmetic brands out there that promise to help us look and feel younger and healthier. But how good are those products for us? Is it time to make the switch from the world of chemical cosmetics to a purer, more natural product? Here are five reasons naturally made products are better for you than cosmetics with harsh chemicals.

1. Chemicals can damage your skin
Cosmetics made with chemicals might look and feel great on your skin now, but they could do you damage in the long run. Unnatural products are made from chemicals and synthetic ingredients, so they can cause skin irritations, allergies and damage to sensitive skin. Toxic ingredients can also take their toll on your skin if used over a long period of time, causing your skin to sag, which speeds up the signs of ageing. Products that contain essential oils like Frankincense, sweet almond oil and lavender give you all the benefits a natural product should. They can reduce the size of your pores, balance your skin tone and can even out fine lines. The positives of pure, natural products are many and varied, so be kind to your skin by choosing cosmetics with nature’s own ingredients.

2. Natural products are better for the environment
These days, most people are trying to do their bit for the environment. Recycling, reducing our carbon footprint and using less of the earth’s resources are some great ways to do that. But choosing natural products for your skin will also play a part in creating a more sustainable future. The less chemicals that go into our water stream, the better it is for our wildlife. Using organic, natural products will ensure the earth is taken care of, while your skin reaps the benefits of the richness and wholesomeness of natural ingredients. Natural products are often, not tested on animals, so, check your favourite natural products to make sure they are cruelty free and kind to the earth. Use pure products and look after your skin and body today to contribute towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

3. Using healthy, natural cosmetics is empowering
By using home-grown, organic, or pure products will give you the confidence to know you are stepping out every day with a beautiful complexion, with your skin nourished and protected by nature. You feel great when you put good food and sustenance into your body, so why would it be any different with what you put on the outside? Using nature’s ingredients on your face, hands and body will make you look and feel great. Be empowered by the knowledge you are not putting harsh chemicals onto your skin and you are doing the best by your body.

4. Know what you’re putting onto your body
When you read the labels of the products from big, chemical cosmetic companies, you might not recognise many of the ingredients. You may be met with a list of numbers and complicated sounding components that make up your moisturiser, lip balm or cleanser. Using products with natural ingredients will never be a mystery to you. By choosing to purchase products with a list of ingredients that include beeswax, honey, sweet almond oil, lemon oil, tea tree oil, shea butter and aloe vera, you can be 100% aware of what is going into your skin.

5. You’re supporting local businesses
One of the best things about using a product with natural ingredients, rather than one with harsh, unfamiliar chemicals is that you know you are supporting a family or company who are growing and producing nature’s ingredients. Whether it’s rosemary from their farm, honey and beeswax from their apiary, or lemon and orange essence from the orchard, by buying your cosmetics with the knowledge they contain natural ingredients, you can feel good about supporting farmers and home-grown businesses.

Know what you’re putting onto your body and feel good about the decisions you’re making to nourish, nurture and love the skin you’re in. Use nature’s ingredients and feel the difference.

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