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Spring into a fresh look this season

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The sun has started to peek out from behind those dark clouds more and more, and the weather is starting to warm up. It looks as though spring has almost sprung! But with the change in season comes a host of allergies, impurities and risks for your skin and body.

The best way to protect your skin is by choosing natural products containing fresh, nourishing ingredients to keep your body hydrated and guarded against the elements. Ingredients like essential oils can be incredibly beneficial to your skin, and beeswax can protect you against impurities and weather. Aloe Vera and shea butter have healing and soothing properties and vitamins E and B5 are well known to replenish and nourish your body. With so many ways to keep yourself looking and feeling fresh and beautiful, why wouldn’t you treat yourself?

Oils are great for your complexion. Despite what you may think, essential oils won’t necessarily make your skin oily, nor will it clog your pores. In fact, essential oils have healing and antibacterial properties, and, in particular Frankincense oil is anti-inflammatory, which means it’s great for acne prone skin, but it also acts as a natural toner, which decreases the appearance of pores and fine lines, evening up your skin’s tone. Sweet almond oil is rich with Vitamin E, mono-unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc so it is an antioxidant and is beautifully soothing for the skin. Palilco’s Balancing Day Cream contains the luxuriously nourishing combination of aloe vera leaf extract, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, hibiscus extract, Palilco’s own beeswax and honey, and Frankincense oil, for all day protection against seasonal weather. Made with 100% natural products, you know your skin is in good hands all the time. Used after Palilco’s Clarifying Cleanser Gel, which has gorgeous natural ingredients like honey, green tea extract, and nourishing orange, lavender and tea tree essential oils, your skin will thank you. Finish it off with Palilco’s Hydrating Mist, which tones your face with its natural aloe vera leaf extract, honey, hibiscus extract, and rose geranium and rosewood essential oils.

The benefits of beeswax and honey have been widely reported for their natural healing qualities and protection against the harsh climate. Honey is nature’s antiseptic and has featured in medicine since the dawn of time. Beeswax is an anti-inflammatory, circulation increaser and an excellent moisturiser, which coats the skin with a protective layer, protecting it against harmful toxins and impurities. Palilco’s range of pure, luxury cosmetics contain beeswax and honey from the company’s own apiary. Try their Nail and Cuticle Treatment and Ultra-Hydrating Hand Cream to keep your hands and nails strong, smooth and nourished. Palilco’s Lip Balm will keep your lips moist, supple and protected, with the combination of Shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, olive oil and peppermint oil. Feel fresh, gorgeous and natural with Palilco’s pure products.

Vitamins are great for the inside of your body, but you can treat the outside of your body to the benefits of vitamins as well. Pro vitamin B5 helps to increase water content, improving elasticity and helping to keep skin hydrated. Vitamin E works to block impurities from entering the skin; impurities that play a part in the ageing process. Vitamin E helps to fight the signs of ageing with its antioxidant properties and ability to reverse skin damage. Palilco’s Purifying Cream Cleanser contains vitamin B5 and vitamin E to protect, nourish and nurture your skin so you can concentrate on the important things, like life, love and family.

Let Palilco’s range of pure, luxury products help to keep you and your skin feeling beautiful and empowered all day, every day. With the natural, quality ingredients, Palilco’s products can put the spring into any season. Order your range of Palilco Bee Cosmetics today.

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