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Our Story - how it all started

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I have three precious children, one of whom experienced quite severe skin irritation that left her uncomfortable and unhappy a lot of the time.

She was red-raw from head to toe and after trying numerous eczema creams, steroids, natural products and even water nothing seemed to clear or relieve her delicate skin.

I was desperate to relieve her condition, so I began researching my own solution and that’s when I discovered the answer was in my own backyard. BEES. That is how Palilco Bee Cosmetics was created (named after my children; Paige, Lilly and Cooper).

Australian Eucalyptus Honey contains exceptional antibacterial properties and is bursting with antioxidants which help to slow down your visible signs of ageing. The Beeswax is also incredible as it is high in anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and possesses all the qualities associated with Vitamin A. Beeswax creates a physical barrier across your skin protecting it from all the toxins you encounter throughout your busy day. You won’t experience clogged pores because Beeswax allows your skin to breathe.

This was just what I had been looking for; owning our own bees coupled with all this incredible research into honey and beeswax meant I could design and produce my own soaps and lotion bars. It wasn’t long and my daughter’s skin began to glow, she was experiencing pain free, soft and healthy skin, just as every child should at her age. After witnessing my daughter’s confidence and happiness grow each day, I was inspired to share my discovery with others who were in a similar cycle of irritation or simply wanted to have great, healthy skin. We use Australian Honey and Beeswax straight from our very own apiary so we can guarantee you the finest quality product that will consistently benefit your skin.

We want you to believe in our Palilco Bee Cosmetics as much as we do, so we would like to introduce you to Jo Smith - our brand ambassador who uses and loves Palilco Bee Cosmetics and wants to share her experience with you. Jo is an internationally acclaimed stylist who has worked on many movies and shows including; Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok and our Aussie favorite; Home and Away. We also have some very happy clients, Mums, and women who are also excited to share their experience with our amazing products. Find out what they are saying about Palilco Bee Cosmetics!

You have made it all the way to our home here at Palilco Bee Cosmetics, we don’t want you to leave without also experiencing the remarkable benefits of our products. One of our most popular and effective cosmetics is the Balancing Day Cream; with the beautifying combination of aloe vera leaf extract, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, hibiscus extract, Palilco’s own beeswax and honey, and our secret ingredient: Frankincense oil, to help reduce fine lines, your skin will be softer, smoother and protected all day. Order now to regain your confidence and start achieving your dreams today!

Do you know anyone else experiencing skin problems? Please take a moment to share this resource with them so we can start helping as many people as possible.

And remember…who said you can’t do that?



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